Discover LabMate/BenchMate

CEM's LabMate and BenchMate

CEM’s bestselling Discover® line of microwave synthesis systems offers technological excellence and reliability in a range of products designed to meet a variety of laboratory applications. Built around Focused™ Microwave Technology, the Discover range features a 300-millilitre single-mode cavity that focuses the microwaves with maximum efficiency, allowing for a homogeneous field pattern around the sample.

If your application doesn’t require the full features of the top-of-the-range Discover SP model, the LabMate and BenchMate units offer the same innovative technology and cutting-edge design, including patented PowerMAX™ technology that allows cooling of samples during the synthesis cycle, permitting cleaner chemistries to be achieved.

Product description

The Discover microwave systems offer rapid, reliable and reproducible microwave-assisted synthesis for a wide range of laboratory environments and applications. With the largest available single-mode cavity on the market (300 millilitres) and innovative Focused™ Microwave Technology, the Discover system allows synthesis up to 1,000 times faster than traditional methods by focusing the microwave energy precisely into the sample cavity.

Discover systems accommodate open and closed sample vessels of varying sizes, including standard glassware. Boasting the smallest footprint of any microwave synthesis system on the market today, Discover products are the epitome of convenient but versatile laboratory equipment. All models also feature patented PowerMAX™ technology, which permits samples to be cooled during the synthesis cycle, allowing cleaner chemistries to be achieved.

The Discover LabMate features the cutting edge IntelliVent™ Pressure Control System, ensuring operator safety with its automated overpressure venting capability. This feature allows reactions exceeding 300 psi (20 bar) to be safely vented before the operator can access the sample vessel. The LabMate system also incorporates CEM’s Synergy software, offering increased functionality and ease of use, simplifying documentation recording and automating data handling.

Also available is the BenchMate — a robust system including many of the most popular Discover features. Easily upgradeable, the BenchMate is perfectly suited to academic labs, with safe pressure regulation utilising a proprietary cap design for pressurized vials, allowing automatic venting when the internal pressure reaches 300 psi (20 bar).

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